HiPEAC23 Keynote: Probabilities – a means to gain time and space when designing CPS, Dr Liliana Cucu-Grosjean

“Liliana Cucu-Grosjean is a Senior Researcher at Inria de Paris, leader and founder of the Kopernic team and co-founder of the StatInf company, an Inria spin-off. Co-author of several seminal papers on probabilistic and statistical approaches for the design of cyber-physical systems, her research topics deal with the verification of real-time constraints for those systems. Originally dedicated to partitioned and global multicore scheduling, her research contributions concentrate today on the time impact of the interaction between design choices at both hardware level and software level.

Her contributions to a correct utilization of statistical approaches for the worst-case execution time estimation problem have been transferred from Inria to StatInf, an Inria spin-off in 2019. This technology has received numerous industry awards among which its recent award as the most innovative technology in 2022 at the prestigious Assises de l’Embarqué.

Liliana holds a MSc in Physics and a PhD degree and a Habilitation degree in Computer Science. Member of IEEE TCRTS since 2016, she is an active supporter of diversity while serving as GC, PC or track chair at CPS-oriented important venues like IEEE RTSS, IEEE RTCSA, DATE, WFCS or RTNS. She chairs the program committee of Inria scientific days in 2022. This event is at the crossroad of several CPS research domains.”

The article on Liliana on HiPeac page and the video of her keynote speech at the event.


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