StatInf nominee at the Embedded World 2023 Show, in the Tool Category

Every year, the embedded award is presented in eight categories at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference: Hardware, Tools, Software, Embedded Vision, Safety & Security, Startup, Artificial Intelligence and SoC / IP / IC Design. The most innovative products from the embedded systems industry are honoured.

embedded award 2023: Tools nominees

Automated tools increase efficiency and reliability at all levels of the embedded value chain. There are tried and tested tools that have been used for years. However, in order to further optimise development processes, the need for new tools is always there. A look at the nominees in this category is definitely worthwhile …
[…] RocqStat
Exhibitor: StatInf
Hall/Booth: 3A/3A-333

StatInf provides software tools and services for the timing verification of real-time embedded systems in the avionics, space, defence, automotive and transportation industries. Statinf’s innovative product, RocqStat uses patented predictive statistics along with static analysis to provide detailed timing verification for multi-tiered software on architectures ranging from single-core to complex multi-core systems.
RocqStat, the embedded systems design support tool, offered by StatInf, reduces interference between programs so that they run safely while minimizing power consumption. RocqStat takes software or hardware traces of program execution times as input. It returns to the designer: a program execution profile, the interference model between several programs, a program execution and core allocation proposal, as well as the impact on energy consumption.
StatInf’s approach allows for a fine-grained, low-level understanding of how programs run on hardware, mixed with sophisticated statistical techniques. To date, most companies use deterministic approaches to ensure functional safety, as they use simpler hardware and algorithms.
While AI algorithms and multi-core processors are rapidly taking over the market, due to their non-deterministic nature, deterministic approaches are not scalable to provide business advantage to the customer. To participate in the technological leap that are these AI algorithms and these multi-core processors while ensuring operational safety, statistical approaches are essential.


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